Monday, July 27, 2009

Discovery - Xtreme Martial Arts

Discovery - Xtreme Martial Arts

See the world's legendary fighting styles in an entirely new way. As young martial artists Mike Chaturantabut and Matt Mullins fight their way through the world's most prestigious tournament, East meets West in a stunning application of visual technologies...and the biomechanical secrets behind the world's martial arts are revealed for the first time.

Using a unique graphic technique that allows for "in-the-body" animation of joints and muscles, experts demonstrate the basic principles behind muscular torque and leverage – creating fighting and sparring scenes unlike anything you've ever seen. Examine the physiology behind a roundhouse kick and witness how muscles spring and recoil during an attack. Weapon masters showcase the physics behind the fiercest weapon styles – the twin broadswords, the Chinese straight sword and the Katana – and demonstrate how warriors can quickly master even common household items – like a traditional Japanese hand fan – to devastate their opponents. Watch as the latest scientific analysis and motion-capture techniques are combined to reveal the secret science of the martial arts – and the amazing grace and fluidity of the human form.

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