Saturday, July 4, 2009


This release includes an Activation crack, courtesy of Orbit30 and team!

Instruction: You can install it for the first time. Or here's how to upgrade from a previous build to 7264: Download and burn the ISO on a DVD. Insert the DVD in your DVD tray and go in My Computer, right click the DVD and click Open. There you will find the file named setup.exe. Right-click that file, click properties, compability tab and click 'Run this program in compability mode with Vista SP2'. Apply and click OK. Right click setup.exe and click Run as Administrator. That's it! Upgrade!

Over the past few years, you’ve asked us to make some changes to Windows. We listened closely. Now it’s time to share an early look at how we’ve used your feedback. Windows 7 is faster, more reliable, and makes it easier to do what you want. Both the everyday things and the killer “is that really possible?” things. Windows 7 was built around your feedback, so you’ll see a lot of things you’ve asked for. You asked us to make everyday tasks faster and easier, make your PC work the way you want it to, and make new things possible. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Improved taskbar and full-screen previews

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen is what you use to switch between the applications you’ve got open. In Windows 7 you can set the order in which the icons appear and they’ll stay put. They’re easier to see, too. Click once on the new large icons or bigger preview thumbnails and you’re ready to go. You can even see a full screen preview before switching to the window.

Jump Lists

With Windows 7, we focused on keeping the things you use most right in front of you. One example: The new Jump List feature. It’s a handy way to quickly reach the files you’ve been working with. To see the files you’ve used recently, just right click on the icon on your taskbar. So right-clicking on the Word icon will show your most recent Word documents. Plus, if there are other files you want to keep handy, you can just pin them to the Jump List.

Internet Explorer 8

Available now, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 helps you do what you want online, faster. With innovations to the address bar, search, tabs, and the Favorites bar, Internet Explorer 8 brings you more information, with less effort.

Windows Live

With Windows 7, some features previously included in the operating system are now available for download through Windows Live Essentials, a set of free applications available for your PC and supported by Windows 7. You can download Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker, and more. With these great applications, you can improve your Windows experience, and benefit from faster delivery of these features and services...


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