Thursday, July 23, 2009

MP3 Remix for Winamp

MP3 Remix is the ultimate software that allows you to listen to music and in the same time, to
edit it. Enjoy your favorite songs in new and exciting ways! Even if you have no musical ability, with MP3 Remix you can easily create beautiful and original interpretations of any song in your MP3 or CD collection. Simply select a song from your MP3 or CD library and start remixing! MP3 Remix's revolutionary remix engine allows you to add single and multiple sound elements, such as beats, loops, scratches, instruments, and vocals to any existing song and perform them in real-time. It even lets you record your custom remixed song to share with others.

Here are some key features of "MP3 Remix":

* Beat Detection Processing
* Detects the rhythm and dynamics of any song to create incredible "beat-synchronized" remixes.
* Extensive Library of Remix Loops and Sounds
* Comes pre-installed with many fun and professional sounding remix presets of beats, loops and sounds that can be mixed into any song of any music style.
* Automatic Sound Remixing
* Mix up to 320 different sounds (beats, loops, scratches, instruments, vocals) simultaneously and automatically drop them right on song beats.
* Record Remixes
* Record your custom remixed songs into a variety of formats for re-listening or sharing with others.
* Community Remixes Share your remixes with the online MP3 Remix Community or download what other remixers have created and shared.
* Add Your Own Remix Sounds
* Give it your personal touch by easily importing your own custom sounds for use in remixes.


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